5 Days on the Devil's River Kayaking Fishing

Come along for the journey as Robert Field and three companions embark on a five day kayak fishing and camping trip down the legendary Devil's River. Located in the middle of the desert in deep Southwest Texas, this river is known as one of the most remote, most pristine, and one of the wildest rivers in Texas. With rapids, waterfalls, crystal clear water and some nice largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing, this is the adventurous kayak angler's dream destination.

Robert walks you through strategies for a successful multi-day kayaking trip, tips and tricks for making your life easier in a remote environment with only the gear you can fit in your kayak, and truly immerses the audience in the experience. He also catches some nice fish along the way.

Robert Field is a Marketing Director and full-time graduate student in his "real" life, but kayak fishing and being outdoors are where his true passion lies.