Geocaching Travel Bug finally arrives

After a 3 year journey a travel bug sent to me from Norway 3 years ago arrives in my hands at Geowoodstock 12!


What is a Travel Bug?

Simply put, a Travel Bug is a metal tag as pictured below. You can attach to an item of your choosing to it, such as a toy, book, doll, keychain, a cement block, a live dog or even a vehicle. The code stamped onto the metal tag is unique and allows that item to be tracked on The item becomes a hitchhiker that is carried from geocache to geocache (or person to person) in the real world; and you can follow its progress online.
It is a way for you to live vicariously through inanimate objects.

You can log Travel Bugs by 'retrieving' them from a cache, 'grabbing' them from another geocacher, or simply 'discover' them when you see them.  These log types can be selected when clicking on "Found it? Log it!" on the top right of the Travel Bug's page.

Learn more at the page for Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Bugs.