Get Lost and Find Yourself: Summer Aerial Scouting with Mikey Rencz

Summertime Plane Scouting

If you’re Mikey Rencz and live in the wilds of Western Canada: you explore the mountains. Not unlike his winter job, Mikey spends a lot of time driving up old logging roads in his side-by-side buggy, camping, and scouting unexplored zones. He took his summer exploring to the next level by chartering a plane to check out a few areas he’s always dreamed of riding.

What started out as a casual flight quickly turned serious when the pilot let Mikey take over the controls. Check out what Mikey had to say about that experience and if he has a pilot’s license in his future.

“I’ve always wanted to check out some new backcountry zones around Whistler, and using the plane helped us look for logging roads to find the most direct access. When we eventually try to get out there on our snowmobiles, we’ll have a better idea of which road we need to take and certain landmarks to use for making a trail through the trees.”

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Bird's eye backcountry view

“You’re flying man, you do whatever you want.”

“I even got to fly the plane for a little while. It was crazy. The dude just let go of his controls and was like, ‘alright! It’s your turn,’ and made me fly the plane all the way back. I asked him if I could buzz over my house and he told me, ‘you’re flying man, you do whatever you want.’ I would love to get a pilot’s license in the future. It was so much fun.”

“It’s really cool to see the mountains in the summer. That is the main reason I got a dirt bike, so I can see the zones I spend so much time in during winter. This past summer and fall we spent a lot of time checking out new zones to ride this winter, but conditions never lined up so we didn’t get to about 80% of them. Next year!”

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So while it’d be easy to spend the entire summer re-watching last year’s web edits and dreaming of next season’s pow turns, it could be more fun to actually get outside and explore. Taking Mikey’s lead and heading to the skies is one option, but there are plenty of other ways to explore without leaving the ground.



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