Scuba diver swallowed by powerful ocean surge

by Pete Thomas

While scuba diving recently off Maui’s rugged Nakalele Point, John Hoover discovered what it feels like to be sucked into the abyss, which in reality was merely a torrent of bubbles as part of a powerful surge generated by strong surf. Nobody was injured during this seemingly harrowing diving experience, according to the description posted with the soundless clip.

However, the footage is generating lots of comments on the Scuba Diver magazine Facebook page, not all of them complimentary.

“Not a good idea. Who wants to get cheese-grated along the reef,” reads one comment.

“Lucky they weren’t crushed against the rocks,” reads another.

Then there were these:

– “Spectacular image but… just too crazy! It looks like the diver gets swallowed by a huge monster…”

– “Just did this same type of dive in Mexico… site was dubbed ‘the washing machine.’ Insane ride!”

To be sure, it looks exciting. But it also looks like a place where only experts who are familiar with the currents, surf and tides should tread, and even the experts should tread very carefully, as those reefs and rocks most certainly are unforgiving.