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HyperBall is one of a series of paintball games that is closely related to speedball. Hyperball is a paintball format that uses large black corrugated culverts for bunkers and obstacles. Sometimes, the terms hyperball and speedball are used interchangeable, though speedball fields may. Hyperball is also a popular video game that was created by Steve Parkinson from his home in Colchester England. Both the sports of Hyperball and paintball use inflatable bunkers. Speedball inflatable bunkers may come in a number of shapes and colors, and the bunkers may be arranged in unlimited number of different layouts. Sup' Air Ball, Balzlistic Inc., and R2 Inflatable Bunkers are all manufacturers of inflatable bunkers. Sup Air Ball bunkers come in a variety of colors and shapes, including the beam, the cone, and the snake. Hyperball, like speedball, usually has a field format that is much smaller in size than those you would see in the Big Game. Hyperball fields are usually small enough for a player to see any other player on the filed.


In both sports, players may use bunkers that they must stand behind, kneel behind, or lie down behind. The objective for each bunker is for players to use the inflatable to shoot from behind and protect their body. Without lying down behind the beam, the player would become an easy target to their opponents. Usually the different types of bunkers are stationed in different sections of the field. The hyperball bunkers that stacked vertically are also called back stand up bunkers, and these bunkers are usually located on the back of the field. Therefore, the standup bunkers are usually the domain of the back player, who protects the point man and the tape runner. Some common stand up bunkers include the cylinder, brick, and the spike. The back player spends most of the game on his feet, and has a clear visual of all the events going on in the paintball field. Therefore, his job is to communicate with his front and id players telling them where to go and where the enemy is. The back player behind the stand up bunker tells his teammates where the enemy is, and what hyperball bunkers to move to. Players behind the stand-up bunkers use the who apparatus to detect the movements of the opposition and to shoot from.

HyperBall paintball
Hyperball field, screenshot from youTube video,

Most of the lay down bunkers are located farther up on the field. Lay down bunkers are used on hyperball fields and on pro fields at the PSP Paintball LA Open. Some lay down bunkers include the snake, the beam, and some times the dorito. The dorito, like other bunkers, comes in different sizes, ranging from about 2 feet to about 7 feet at its peak. When kneeling from behind a lay down bunker players may still have half their body exposed and available for shooting. If you do play the lay down bunker, make sure to use the whole structure, and to shoot from both end of the apparatus. When playing a kneeling hyperball bunker, players usually shoot from the sides, not over the top.