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Watersport Lover - We Found Your Paradise

by SSN Staff

If you ask locals to name the best place for boating and water sports on Long Island, you'll get about 95,574 opinions. That's how many registered boats there are in Nassau and Suffolk counties, all who have their own opinions. According to New York State's most recent recreational boating report, there are countless non-powered watercraft, such as kayaks, paddleboards, windsurfers and kiteboarders who also have their secret and coveted spots.

The North Fork's beautiful Southold


When neighborhood shopping on an island where so many homes are only minutes away from diverse and alluring waterways, there really are no bad choices. Still, certain bodies of water tend to be the perennial favorites for particular water activities -- so it stands to reason that communities with convenient access to them are the ones local boaters like to call home port.


The Long Island Sound offers the best of both worlds: At an average depth of about 63 feet, the Sound is deep enough for sailing and cruising. Yet because it's sheltered by Connecticut to the north and Long Island to the south, it's enclosed enough to offer some protection from rougher ocean conditions. This makes it a perfect place for one of the fastest growing water sports, kiteboarding.

This also makes it a popular spot for luxury vessels, says yacht service professional Austin Frye, 25, of Wantagh. He would know -- his mobile yacht management business, L&I Detailing, takes him to various local ports from Manhattan to Montauk.


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About 110 miles from east to west, the Sound is long enough for extended adventures, yet at only 21 miles across from north to south at its widest point, it's narrow enough to cruise across for a leisurely lunch and be home in time for dinner.


Today, you can make your dream home for your family with a sensational soundfront estate parcel. Create your sunset waterfront compound on this nearly 4 acre site with 340' of precious Long Island Sound Frontage.


The site with a substantial building envelope offers some of the best sunsets on the east coast with amazing forever farm and world renown vineyard views.


The farm and sea view combination make this unique parcel a once in a lifetime opportunity. Today, you can have both your dream home come true with also the investment of a lifetime for less than 2 million. If interested call Satellite Sports Network Owner - Jody Heneveld for details. 631-353-1493 Live your Dream!!!

' the dream!'
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One of Satellite Sport's Regular Bloggers Rick Drew, shares his love of Long Island Sound and Paddleboarding. Plus, our dear Satellite Sports Network friend Robert Sturman shares his glorious SUP Yoga photographs of Danielle Brown just off the shore of this wonderful property and a few locations near by. ENJOY!!!!


By Rick Drew


Why I Paddle?

I paddle for the amazing sunsets and spectacular sunrises that grace my outings. I paddle for that first wave, that first glide! I was hooked so hard that I went out paddle surfing for the next 30 days, until I could actually say that I was not a kook. I paddle for the great friendships that I enjoy during my paddling adventures. I paddle for that old Grumman canoe we launched through the surf again and again until she finally broke in two. I paddle for the thrill of the pursuit and the joy of the catch during my fishing adventures on the waters off Southold. I paddle for that first sip of Chai tea after loading the up the truck on a cool autumn morning heading to the beautiful North Fork, as I gaze at the beautiful vineyards along the way. I paddle to train hard and get the best work out available in the great outdoors. I paddle for the time I was lectured by my instructor for not wearing my PFD during my first open water crossing to Gardiners Island. I paddle to get away from the pressures of work and family and enjoy quiet time in my own space. I paddle for the river trips, when we flipped our boats in the rapids, and our camping gear dumped everywhere from here to kingdom come. I paddle to race and challenge myself to be the best that I can be. I paddle for the thumping sound of pounding surf on the south side beaches while I try to get to sleep. I paddle to learn from the best in the paddle sports industry and continue to evolve my personal paddling journey. I paddle for the time we launched a leaky Dory boat into the icy bay in December and as she sank like a rock we scrambled back to shore like a bunch of frozen, wet surf rats. I paddle to experience the perfection of the most amazing down winders along our beautiful ocean beaches, gliding along the shoreline on peeling Southwest swells. I paddle to teach and share what I have learned in over 40 years on the water. I paddle for the time my board blew off the truck and floated down gently on the shoulder of the road. I paddle to seek out my own surf breaks and ride countless, off shore waves with no one else in site. I paddle to try out the latest gear, the best boats, boards and paddles, whenever I can. I paddle to spend time on the water with my lovely wife and family. I paddle for the countless wipeouts, shore slams, chute bumps and injuries that come from a lifetime of extreme water sports. The pain of these injuries is nothing compared to the drudgery of not being on the water. Mostly I paddle for fun and to feel young at heart. Perhaps the most compelling reason that I paddle for these days is to enjoy the hot shower, healthy meal and warm bed that awaits me after a rigorous and rewarding day of paddling.

Paddle Hard, Be Safe.



By Robert Sturman


My shoot with Daniele Brown was scheduled for 7pm on a beach in Southold.
When I arrived, she was already in the water practicing. I'd never seen or felt so much stillness as I did that evening, taking in the graceful beauty of asana in the midst of the vast Long Island Sound. We did not speak — speaking would have caused ripples in the sea. And within a moment, a body of work was born.