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Apres All Sports!!!

 Whether doing your best Parkour, jumping out of planes, skiing the backwoods or surfing in a blizzard. We all need this to come back to. Enjoy!!

1. You want everything to feel all natural when you go au naturale.

EMGN Shower 1

2. If you want to literally be the center of attention, this one’s for you.

EMGN Shower 2

3. This shower is in the Reflection Suite of the Carnival Reflection, and extends over the edge of the ship – the most luxurious shower you’ll see on the sea.

EMGN Shower 3

4. Heat sensitive tiles to make sure you behave yourself.

EMGN Shower 4

5. How great it would be to hop straight out of bed and straight into the shower!

EMGN Shower 5

6. Why don’t all showers have their own palm tree?

EMGN Shower 6

7. For the professional, slick washer.

EMGN Shower 7


8. This shower belonged to Walt Disney – so many wonderful characters and creations were probably imagined in this very space!

EMGN Shower 8


9. For the minimalist. Hopefully the wood doesn’t deteriorate!


EMGN Shower 9

10. Who doesn’t need a shower with a waterfall?


EMGN Shower 10


11. Shower time will feel slightly more industrial in this bathroom.


EMGN Shower 11


12. This is like a lounge, a garden, a balcony and a bathroom rolled into one!


EMGN Shower 12

13. It doesn’t even matter if it rains in your open air shower!


14. A lot of washing up went down in the 6 Person “Party Shower” of Versace Mansion, Miami.


EMGN Shower 14


15. If you want a lot of space and a lot of simplicity, the shower in this renovated San Francisco warehouse-turned-loft is perfect for you.EMGN Shower 15

16. The bathroom is one of the last rooms you’d expect to see a fireplace, but this is gorgeous!


EMGN Shower 16


17. You can shower with a view in this Thailand bathroom.


EMGN Shower 17


18. A shower for him and a shower for her!


EMGN Shower 18