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Hot Spot for Windsurfing - jericoacoara, Brazil

This exotic little town located in the northeast of Brazil is the hot-spot in the global windsurfing scene

Jericoacoara is a small fishing village, mecca of windsurfing and kitesurfing, in Ceará, Brazil. Located around 300 km west of Fortaleza. Jeri, as it is better known, is the kind of idyllic place where many travelers end up deciding to stay for longer than they had originally planned.


Jericoacoara is a place removed from the hurried modern world of screeching sirens, maniac deadlines, traffic jams and endless lineups. A place where streets are paved with sand, where beaches stretch as far as the eye can see and where warm water marries with palm swaying breezes. Until about 20 years ago, Jericoacoara was still a secluded and simple fishing village. There were no roads, no electricity, no phones, no TV's, no newspapers, and money was rarely used.

Since 1984, the area around Jericoacoara was declared Environmental Protection Area (APA) and became a National Park in 2002. This brought many building restrictions and tourism controls, what helps to preserve the area. Electricity arrived in the village and today, hot showers and air conditioner are no longer luxury articles. However, street lighting is forbidden by local law.


Situated on the eastern point of a long carving bay, Jericoacoara has three different spots for the windsurf practice and trainning. Among flat water, constant side off-shore wind, good and friendly waves from November till January, here you will find perfect conditions from July till end of January. The wind blows stronger from September till November, getting up to 30 ~ 35 knots, 4.2 ~ 4.7 sails. EVERY DAY! If you prefer light wind, this is the spot. If you prefer strong wind, this is the spot. If you like wave riding, this is the spot. Just choose the month and you'll have the best windsurfing vacation of your life!


Enjoy an entertaining flick about Brazil`s windsurfing paradise and the secret behind its exploration as one of the most constant wind spots in the world. Watch interviews with the world elite of surfers like Gollito Estredo, Sarah-Quita Offringa, André Paskowski and many others, also the Average-Joe surfers. Learn why Jeri is one of their favourite spots.