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Spurs the Rightful Champs

by jpgarcia1523


I said the San Antonio would win in 6, but I underestimated how good they are. They took care of the defending Champs in dominating fashion. San Antonio won the series against Miami 4-1. They beat the Heat in each game by over 15 points. Miami got off to hot start in the first quarter and lead the Spurs by 16. Even though San Antonio was down they didn't seem to panic. They knocked down a couple 3s, to cut the lead to seven and they had all the momentum going into the second period. The Spurs outscored the Heat 25-11 in the second quarter and finally the took lead. They beat Miami 104-87 . The team ball the Spurs played was the best basketball I've ever seen. The Spurs deserved to win and there was nothing Miami could do to stop them.



The NBA is a superstar's league. It always has been and always will be. When I was growing up I focused on superstars. Penny Hardaway , Allen Iverson , and of course Michael Jordan were just a few of the players I loved watching. I hated watching the Spurs. They had no exciting superstars. Yeah David Robinson was a future Hall of Famer, but he wasn't cool to watch. It seemed like when Tim Duncan came into the league Robinson passed that boring, fundamental style of play to him. So when they won those Championships in 1999 and 2003 I never paid attention. I wanted to see cool cross overs and fade away jumpers, not bank shots and great footwork. But after watching these finals I realized how dumb I was. As good as those individuals were only Jordan won titles. San Antonio focused on the team, not the fancy individual. I was too blind to see the team concept was better than seeing people falling from a crazy dribble move. The Spurs are a well oiled machine and I can't believe it took me 15 years to appreciate their style of play.

The Spurs system and brand of basketball is something that should be taught in basketball summer camps from now until forever. They adapt to keep winning. The Spurs were primarily a pick and roll team early in Tim Duncan's career. Then as he got older they switched to an up-tempo, quick hitting, 3-point shooting team. They changed to that style of offense to take pressure of Duncan and it's gotten them to back-to-back finals. They were good last year with their ball movement, but they perfected it this year. It was four or five passes before someone shot the ball. That's how they crushed Miami in the finals this year. They made Miami rotate from their hard trapping defense and took advantage of their late rotations by hitting wide-open shots. It was beautiful basketball. I've never seen a team pass up so many good shots, to get great shots. They would take their time in each set and seemed to always get exactly what they wanted. Also every time San Antonio forced a turnover they'd turn up court and rain 3s in transition. Miami had no answer for how the Spurs played in these finals. The Heat may have Lebron James, but there was only so much he can do. He had no help and a better team beat him and the Heat. 

Last year San Antonio came within a rebound of winning the championship. They knew they should have won and spent the whole 2013-2014 season proving they were the rightful champs. Once they got their rematch with the Heat they made sure they weren't going to lose. I apologize to all Spurs fans for calling your team boring all these years. The Spurs as an organization are the blue print on how you should build a championship team. They used the draft , international scouting, and key free agents to keep them in contention every year. San Antonio never needed other superstars to conspire with one another to come to their team. Congrats to the 2013-2014 NBA Champions San Antonio Spurs. Now my favorite part of the NBA season begins... The off-season.