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5 Hot Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Caribbean Destinations

Aruba, Caribbean

An Aruba windsurfing or kitesurfing holiday will offer idyllic flat water conditions.

This Caribbean island located just 15 miles north of South America, it is part of the ABC islands made up of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Just 20 miles long it's easy to explore the stunningly beautiful, long sandy beaches with the Divi Divi trees - all permanently sculpted into graceful, southwest-facing shapes by the constant trade winds which blow year round - ideal for a windsurfing or kitesurfing holiday year round.

Until recently part of the Dutch Antilles, the official language is still Dutch but islanders speak up to 4 languages including the native language 'papamiento' which is a mix of Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and English as a result of the mixed cultural roots of Aruba. Aruba's moto is 'one happy island' and as tourism is the main industry you will be warmly welcomed. Aruba is now fully independent and has been welcoming visitors and cruise ships, mainly from the US and Europe since the late 50s. The main draw of the island are the stunning beaches, ranked as some of the best in the world. For windsurfing and kitesurfing year round, reliable wind conditions which has attracted the top world ranking windsurfers and kitesurfers to compete and train here.

Sailing Spot & Conditions

Aruba has a windsurf and kitesurf zone located at the northern end of Palm beach near the area known as the Fishermans Huts. This is where the PWA World Cup sailors compete and train and where the Aruba High Winds event takes place. The beach launch is from the sandy beach into knee to waist deep water all the way out to the reef.  The launch is from the white sand beach and directly into clear blue water with a shallow sandy bottom. After approximately 250-300 meters there is an offshore reef which is marked by flag markers. The water here is flat and ideal for learning, freeride or freestyle. Shallow to waist deep until the reef. The closer you get to the reef there is more of a rolling swell and bump and jump conditions. There is a wave beach on the east side of the island for excursions but there is no centre, rescue or safety support there.

Aruba offers a year round Caribbean destinations with the constant easterly trade winds averaging 15 knots and over 75% numbers of days F4 days plus - that's year round including the low wind months of October and November but even then the wind is still F4 more that 65% of the time. The best time of year to go is from December through to September. Summer months (May-Sept) are best value with wind usually 16 to 17 knots for 90% with most days 20 knots. The winds start strong in the morning and generally are consistent all day with slightly less strong condition closer to shore. With average yearly temperatures averaging 28°C and little rain, it offers idyllic weather conditions, set below the hurricane belt it rarely has stormy weather.


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Barbados, Caribbean

For a Caribbean windsurfing & Kitesurfing holiday Barbados offers great waves, SUP, surfing and other activities such as scuba diving. Mainly for experienced windsurfers and kitesurfers, there are occasions on low wind days that the less experienced can take some instruction.


The most easterly of the Caribbean Islands, Barbados is regarded as the gateway to the West Indies. Its British colonial past is visible in the plantation houses around the island. Now locals have given their own special twist to British traditions by adapting them with their Caribbean pace of life. This is the pure Caribbean, with white beaches, turquoise water, wind and waves, a vibrating night life, reggae and fun-loving locals and retains it's Caribbean charm.

Silver Sands and Silver Point beaches at Christchurch on the southern tip of the island. where the kitesurfing and windsurfing conditions are second to none. You will find perfect waves for novices and experts alike. With its numerous different spots, warm water, and idyllic beaches, Barbados is the perfect choice to improve your wave sailing.

Sailing Spot & Conditions

Barbados best windsurf & kitesurf spots are at Silver Point and Silver Sands beaches. In  the main winter season you will find full on wave sailing. You will need to be able to competantly water start and gybe to deal with the full on conditions. Kitesurfers must be confidentaly able to ride up wind. There are no limits to your sailing here with perfect conditions for both classic wave riding and for new moves. A 1-2 meters deep reef 250 meters from the shore creates a clean wave for riding downwind. The wind varies between a constant cross-offshore or cross-onshore trade wind, which usually levels off between 15 to 25 knots in the peak season, between December and March and you can enjoy good wind right up until July. Occasionally there are less strong wind days and then there will be the opportunity for beginners to learn - mainly off Long beach that dives more room for maneover. You can also enjoy SUP and surfing off the beach.



Cabarete - Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is one of the best all round beach windsurf & kitesurf holiday destinations. It offers surfing, SUP and is good for singles, couples and families. It's an excellent option for a beach holiday destination year round.
Cabarete offers a bustling windsurfing and kitesurfing holiday resort with superb conditions for all levels and multi sport options including dedicated surfing courses and combi packages.

The resort is on the north eastern shores of the Dominican Republic which forms two thirds of Hispaniola and is the second largest of the Caribbean Islands. The entire village is heavily devoted to the windsurfing and kitesurfing. It has a typically Caribbean atmosphere, with laid back bars and brightly coloured local houses, in sharp contrast to the comparative luxury of the high standard holiday accommodation. Cabarete is one of those rare windsurfing destinations, where sailing conditions can suit all levels and improvement in confidence and ability can almost be guaranteed at this wonderful, year round venue.

Being an island of contrasts, Cabarete offers everything from wonderful beaches lapped by crystal clear water, rural landscapes and mangrove swamps, with the backdrop of hills draped in tropical rain forest beyond. The whole island enjoys a warm and sunny climate throughout the year, with an occasional heavy downpour during the rainy season.

Cabarete is located to the east of the airport of Puerto Plata, the entire village is dedicated to windsurfing and kitesurfing. With bars, small shops, restaurants and houses, all lining the  main street amongst the waving palms.

Sailing Spot & Conditions

The variety is truly unique. Upwind the protected area inside the reef provides a flat water, slalom area. In the centre of the bay, the wide gap in the reef allows access to gentle rolling Atlantic swells. The reef is exposed in places but downwind sits 2-3m below the surface provide safe, wave sailing and good jumping conditions. With a wide bay, there is room for everyone with windsurfing and kitesurfing zones. The wind builds gently in the morning, perfect for beginners in the upwind, shallow water training area. From May to October the wind blows mainly sideshore Force 4-5. From November to April it mainly blows cross offshore building to Force 5-7, is less consistent but wave conditions increase to 4m high waves. There are many superb surfing spots here for entry level to expert.


El Yaque - Margarita, Caribbean

El Yaque offers windsurfing & kitesurfing holidays in great flat water conditions.


It's ideal for learning to windsurf & kitesurf or improve your skills.  There are beautiful beaches, flat water and windy conditions combined with excellent hotels either in the centre of the action or in quieter, hill side locations

If you are able to sail in the harness and footstraps why not consider joining one of our Sportif coaching weeks on a /Simon+Bornhoft+Windsurfing+Clinic">Simon Bornhoft windsurfing clinic.

In the southern Caribbean Sea, just off the north east coast of Venezuela is the island of Margarita. From colonial times, the island retains an array of Spanish style buildings, churches, cobble-stoned roads and picturesque old forts. Spanish influence on the island culture remains strong; mixed with the Caribbean way of life it gives Margarita a beguiling charm. Inland, the mountaineous landscape is heavily wooded, where tropical plants nestle alongside mahogany and eucalyptus trees. The coast is typically Caribbean with white beaches and waving palms. El Yaque in the south, once a small fishing village, is now a bustling windsurf and kitesurf haven.

In the centre of this unique island is a 3000ft mountain with heavily wooded ravines, where tropical palms grow alongside mahogany and eucalyptus trees, decorated by a riot of colourful flowering shrubs. To the west, the sparsely populated area of Macano is joined to the rest of the island by the isthmus of La Restinga.

With enchanting scenery, superb wind conditions, and unbelievably flat water this is the perfect spot for slalom and freestyle windsurfing, with intermediates also benefiting from shallow warm water training conditions. Plus for kitesurfing, a very real chance to perfect the early techniques, as well as for the experienced to practise new innovations and tricks in the specially designated kite zones. Suitable for all, the reliability and strength of the wind making it one of the best venues in the world.

Sailing Spot & Conditions

A perfect and safe spot for everyone. No matter whether you want to practice beach and water starts, jibes or freestyle moves, in El Yaque beginners and intermediates will find ideal conditions for making progress. The excellent wind combined with the swell satisfying for the advanced and freestylers. World class pros Ricardo Campello, Cheo Diaz and Gollito Estredo are locals and often seen on the water. El Yaque has arguably the highest number of wind days in the world, with December to May being the best time. In the summer the wind drops off.During winter it blows F3-5 in the morning and after mid-day thermal conditions intensify the trade wind to a force of about F4-7. A steady sideshore wind from the left make it the perfect all-round venue.


Tobago, Caribbean


Tobago offers a superb Caribbean windsurfing holiday or kitesurfing holiday with magnificent unspoilt beaches, vast uncrowded sailing lagoon, flat water and some wave spots on the reef.

The wind flow over the island can create perfect conditions on either side giving so much variety. For beginners, the best area for instruction is on Lambeau Beach where the wind is steady and before high tide, the sandy beach is wide.

For progression and practice, the flatwater inside Bucco reef at Pigeon Point is pure paradise. Once confident and adventurous, then exploring the island with Kitesurf Safaris mobile team is the ultimate aim. For the advanced rider, there are many possible locations for kiting when the wind or sea conditions change. On the east of the island is the Atlantic Ocean with shore breaks and waves; on the west is the Caribbean with clear warm flat water.

Sailing Spot & Conditions

On a good day, mainly from December through to June, the conditions are some of the finest in the Caribbean. At Pigeon Point it is protected by Bucco Reef which lies up to one and half miles off one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Inside the vast lagoon, the flat, crystal clear, shallow water is a sailor's dream. This is ideal for beginners or speed sailing. On the outside, when the conditions all come together, the swells can rival those in some of the best locations in the world.

For kiting, the island has several spots. Lambo Beach for beginners and Bucco Lagoon for improvers and for practising tricks. If you are looking for a location for mixed abilities or families Pigeon Point is ideal.

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