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Golf Sand Trap Tips

by Guest Blogger Bunker Paradise

You’re over your ball feeling great, you catch what you believe is a solid pure shot but as it sails toward the green you take a gulp and watch it come down short in the bunkers. You know that feeling as you approach the green and there it is, your golf ball is awaiting your mood swing as it looks up at you from a ‘fried egg’ lie. Your golfing buddies all cringe as you close your eyes tight and find it more difficult to breathe.

fried egg

Know the feeling? I sure do! What in the world do you do and how in the heck will you get this on the green?

Let me share with you one way to find your way onto the green from a ‘fried egg’ lie.

buried bunker lie

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The Shot Execution

There are several thoughts on how to hit a ‘fried egg’ bunkers shot. One of the simplest ways is to use your sand wedge and focus first on a spot (target) on the green you would like the ball to land. This is one way to try to alleviate the stress you are currently facing mentally and physically (a bit of redirecting the brain).

Position the ball back in your stance (right handed players–back toward your right foot and left-handed players–back toward your left foot) and dig your feet in securely and balanced with a bit more weight toward your front foot.

Now close the club face a little. This simply means to turn the toe of the club past the heel when looking down at your club. This is going to give your club leverage and ‘strength’ through the sand at impact position.

Time to prepare for the swing. Steady your lower body and bring the club up and down more abruptly in a practice motion without touching the sand to give yourself a nice sensation of how the club will work for you during the actual execution of the swing. You will focus  on staying balanced and steady during the practice swing routine making sure you have a nice comfortable spine angle as well that will assist in staying balanced and comfortable.

Shot execution time. Take a little more than half a back swing in your more abrupt swing (kinda like you will be picking up and axe to swing straight down) and come down steeply hitting about an inch behind the ball with a very strong swing. You will find that your follow through will be very abbreviated if not stopping momentarily as you come through the sand.

The result will be a ball that pops up and out of the bunker with not a lot of spin but it will be on the green. Remember that your focus prior was on a spot on the green and the hope is that you hit near to this spot as possible with the correct execution of the ‘fried egg’ shot.

Final Thoughts

Fried egg shot in the bunker are one of the most difficult shots in golf to hit and to control. It is best to find yourself in a practice bunker and try the tips above to gain confidence and more success when faced with a very difficult shot.

In the end, I think you will find you feeling fairly good when the ball pops up and out and you will be smiling at those playing partners who originally gave you the ‘OMG LOOK’. You will teach them a thing or two about doubting your ability!

Good Luck and let us know at Bunkers Paradise if you have any questions or want to share your experiences. We are here for you.

‘keep smiling and always believe’