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Racism in Sports: NBA- Donald Sterling Just Got Played, BAD!

by Blogger Drae

Okay... so this weekend, we got an unfriendly reminder of the fact that -- despite huge strides in combatting racism we have made in North America-- it still exists  -- it reared its ugly head in the NBA. LA Clipper's owner, Donald Sterling is just one example, of how it racism works , it appears.  Most often however in this era, people are careful to make sure that they don't fall out of line, with all that our society deems as being "politically correct". Racism exists -- but is often hidden, and more "sophisticated." I use the word "sophisticated lightly... because in my opinion anyone stupid and ignorant enough to hate, dislike, take issue with, have a problem with....  anyone, based on their heritage and skin color, is an ignorant idiot.... and just plain stupid. Racism makes NO sense. .. unless your stuck in the mind-set-- that stifled and poisoned society, particularly "Black" society...  for 400+ years, that involved the economy, and other factors, that made it difficult to completely let go of.

Think about it. Who would think a guy like Sterling, who own a team in a league that is predominantly "black" --- and is lucrative off the efforts and skills of "black" people... who has a 1/2 black girlfriend, would be a racist? Most would not assume that in a million years! he seemed to have crossed all his T's and dotted is i's -- and would appear outwardly to be fully accepting of the black community. But his telephone call, and his hate filled message to his g/f, tell a whole different story.

Baskletball Express According to TMZ (2014) In his call Sterling apparently states:

" I support them (black players) and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?"

Is he serious? It is off of THEIR SKILL, that he gets paid. They MAKE the team, that makes the money.. he owns the team. NOTHING HE DOES, pays them-- they get paid via a contract, based on their skill.... if he didn't pay them, someone else would. Additionally the fact that these men are college educated... means that in all likelihood, they'd be living well -- with successful careers, even if they didn't play ball. 

So what do we really have? ... a  modern day slave driver mentality....

Historically, slave masters use to have sex with black  women..  black women were good enough to cook for them, raise their children, keep their homes immaculate... yet the men were auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder.... not thought to be valued for anything, other than WORK.. slave work.

Sterling, stuck in the patriarchal mind-set of a white male dominated society,  seems to have a problem dealing with highly educated, affluent, productive black men, and seems to want to take credit for why these men have anything, in life.  Kind of an "I make you, OR break you" attitude. 

But this doesn't mean the little "lady" gets off "Scott free."  She had no problem living off Sterling's millions... playing Sterling like a trick --- using him for all he's worth. She's a special kind of evil, because even after hearing his racist rant, she still referred to his as "sweetie".. and seemed open to trying to make amends. The lure of the mighty dollar, could have held her captive -- despite, him hating "1/2 of her". She blew the whistle, and will now garner media attention for doing so, as well as some monetary awards. I will not be convinced that this was the first time, he's spoken to her about his position, with black people. We won't even get into Sterling's "wife".

My heart goes out to all the white owners who truly do not possess the ignorant mind-set that Sterling does, as well as the players who were forced to play, in light of perhaps the worst betrayal, they will face in their life times. Keep your head's up! God sees all, and He's got you!

Sterling is unfit to own anything, let alone a basketball team. It's unfortunate we can't ship him off to a desert island, so he can be alone -- with his despicable thoughts. Let's hope he hasn't  reproduced, and implanted his poison thoughts into any offspring! Some people's children, I tell you!

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