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What men can learn from the ladies on the Golf Course

by Guest Blogger

So I went out today for my first 18-hole round in quite a while. Knowing that I was in it for the long haul and also knowing that I would be playing with some ladies from my club, I arrived a half hour early and started warming up at the range.


This isn’t remarkable in itself other than the fact that I never “hit the range” before a round of golf. Why? Because I usually play with my husband, and he would rather poke needles in his eyes than arrive a half hour early to warm up before a round of golf. He’s more of a screech into the parking lot two seconds before his tee time kind of guy, throwing on his shoes sitting on the back bumper of the car, then letting fly his first swing of the day right there on the first tee. Golf Vacations

After nine years as regular golf partners, we’ve finally compromised to the point where he’ll allow us to arrive five minutes early so I can use the potty before we head to the first tee. If you knew my husband, you’d know that was a major victory for me. And you’d also know that it’s only because it makes him crazy when I tell him I have to use the potty. “Woman, why didn’t you go before we left the house!” Ha ha, the joke’s on him–I did!

So during my 30 minutes on the range, I observed a pattern emerging. My playing partners and I arrived at about the same time, performed some gentle stretches, then simultaneously pulled out our pitching wedges and began hitting pitch shots into little baskets 50 yards out.

Meanwhile, two foursomes of men were also gathering for their matches. One of them pulled two clubs out of his bag and began muscling them through the air. Another reached straight for his driver, gave a few practice balls some whacks, and said loudly, “Let’s go, we don’t want to waste all our good shots.”

Us ladies, meanwhile, worked our way up gradually from pitching wedges to seven irons, to fairway woods, and eventually our drivers, then back down again ending with a few chip shots. We moved on to the putting green where we were surprised to find a few men who were actually practicing their putting. Turns out they were only there because they were waiting for the last player in their foursome. As soon as he got there, still lacing his shoes, they were off like the proverbial prom dress.

Now I don’t know how you learned the great game of golf, but I can guarantee any instructor you talk to will tell you the same thing: we women are right. We don’t think of warming up as wasting our good shots, we think of it as getting the bad ones out of the way.

Practice is a good thing. So’s warming up. If I could compare it to any one thing, I’d compare it to, pardon the pun… foreplay. And considering the two genders’ relative takes on the concept of foreplay, I really shouldn’t be surprised by the way this particular issue breaks between the two sexes. But guys, you should really try it some time. The benefits–well, let’s just say your game will appreciate the effort.



For those Ladies who have not tried Golf yet, here are some great reasons why you should. While men still largely dominate the sport, ladies’ golf is rapidly growing in popularity both locally and internationally. Many ladies are making a successful career of golf – it’s no longer just a sport for men, and women are proving that all over the world.

More women should be playing the sport – and here’s why:

  1. It’s an excellent way to make new friends. “You could meet a lifelong golf partner, or even a life partner. It’s a very sociable game,” says Liezl.
  2. It’s a family sport. Many couples play golf together, and you can include your kids in a game for a fun family day out.
  3. It’s great for networking outside of the office. Men have long played golf to schmooze clients, so why shouldn’t women? Golf is a great way to establish and maintain rapport in the business world.
  4. It gets you out into nature. There’s nothing better than a dose of fresh air and a natural boost of Vitamin D to make you feel fine – just don’t forget a hat and sunscreen.
  5. It helps keep you fit. Covering 18 holes of a golf course on foot gives you hours of healthy exercise.
  6. You can compete equally with men. When it comes to golf, there’s no advantage for either gender. Winning boils down to skill and practice!
  7. Even oldies can play golf. It’s not as physically demanding as other sports so you can play golf well into your advanced years. There are 80 year olds out there playing
  8. You don’t have to commit upfront. Most driving ranges rent golf clubs for hire so you don’t need to buy a complete set of clubs before starting.


If you’re eager to get started, we suggests visiting your local club and chatting to their PGA professionals. They’ll happily talk you through the rules and help you get onto the course. The best thing to do is to book a few lessons to give you the confidence boost you need before starting.