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VIDEO - Cruising the pacific with the Cabrinha Quest

The trio of Cabrinha, De Aboitiz and Whyte

Need a fix of blue water and palm trees this week? Cabrinha have come to show off their products (and riders) with this video from the Cabrinha Quest.

The Cabrinha Quest is an initiative by Cabrinha to get people kiteboarding in some of the most remote islands in the world. The catamaran sails most of the year, stopping to pick up supplies and new passengers in a five year long trip full of nothing but kiting. Sound familiar? The Best kiteboarding guys did it several years ago, on the same boat actually, then called the Best Odyssey. During that trip they circumnavigated the globe stopping wherever there was wind, waves and beautiful scenery. What a life! Over the years they’ve travelled 54,000 miles and visited more than 50 countries, not only seeing what’s possible with a kite, but sharing the sport of kiteboarding with many.

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As you can imagine the boat’s getting pretty tired after almost 10 years sailing, (although it’s certainly not the most shabby of vessels!) so it’s planned for retirement in 2015. When the Cabrinha deal runs out, the company who runs these trips called Offshore Odysseys have already revealed their new boat the Discovery II which will be launched in 2015 and ready to take on the new group of investors (could it be North!?). The cycle will continue and for the rest of the foreseeable future there will be a luxury white catamaran sailing around the world, full of brand new kiteboarding equipment and famous team riders who release amazing video’s of them riding in tropical blue water and windy conditions. Ah to live the life of a kiteboarding professional….

Switchblades in hand the Cabrinha team heads to the South Pacific to jump aboard the Cabrinha Quest. With palm fringed, white sandy beaches, and high rugged mountain peaks, surrounded by coral reefs and turquoise -blue lagoons. It's no surprise they score amazing footage while cruising the islands on the luxury catamaran.

Kiting the South Pacific from Cabrinha Kites on Vimeo.