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Has your horse experienced lameness problems? Perhaps the diagnosis was something you were unfamiliar. Don't be afraid to ask your questions during February's "Ask the Vet" forum to our expert, Dr. Heather Beach, regarding questions of equine lamenes

by Dr. Beach

Lameness Injuries and Diagnosis
  1. Can rotation in the feet be corrected? My vet says, no, but that the coffin bone can LOOK better and the horse can be made more comfortable by proper trimming. However, once rotated, always rotated. Is she correct? (View Answer)
  2. I have a gelding that was diagnosed with navicular before he was 3-years-old. The veterinarian said he was probably born with it. I had such high hopes for his horse. The vet said I would probably have to put him down in a couple of years. I have tried shoes and barefoot. Could I send you his X-rays and you tell me what you think? Does any of those supplements help? I can't stand the thought of this situation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can send the X-rays please. (View Answer)
  3. I have an 18-year-old mare that is lame in her back, right leg. The first veterinarian performed four (4) chiropractic treatments to no avail. The second veterinarian determined she was “flexior positive” with the possibility of being bilateral lame and in the hocks. Radiographs helped to determine this diagnosis. What could have caused this and what are her options for treatment? (View Answer)
  4. I have an older gelding that has arthritis in his stifle joints. Other than Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate, what else can I do to keep him comfortable? (View Answer)
  5. I just bought a gelding with minor rear leg lameness. I was assured by three different veterinarians that it was a muscular injury and he could work through it with proper massage, chiropractic and exercise. While he has improved, he still has a tendency to trip with his left rear. Much like a stifle catch, he moves forward, lifting in the hip rather than stretching through the back. Any suggestions? Comments? Could this be stifle or back or something else? Thanks for any help. (View Answer)
  6. My gelding tore his suspensory by the check ligament. He has had shockwave therapy three times with rest. Should I be feeding him a supplement such as one that contains msm and/or hylronic acid? Just wondered if it would help in recovery. (View Answer)
  7. My horse has a severe case of thrush. What is the best treatment? (View Answer)
  8. My horse severly bowed his SDFT right front in October 2012. After a brief stall rest, we started the Gillis rehabilitation schedule and he was doing really well. Then, in April 2013, he completely tore his superior check ligament on the same leg, so we restarted the rehabilitation schedule over again. He is doing really well at this point, and per my veterinarian, I am able to start riding at a walk under saddle again. I was wondering what limitations the torn superior check ligament will add to his restrictions? For example, should I be leary of going down hills while riding? My vet doesn't have much info about what a horse with a torn SCL can or can't do, and I have not been able to find out much on the internet either. (View Answer)
  9. I have a 14-year-old Quarter horse that is used for barrel racing. He has a calcium deposit on the front left P1 bone. It is located on the back side just below the ankle, but does not interfere with that joint. It has a downward facing hook shape so that it is wearing and tearing the SDTF. My vet told me to retire him. Would surgical removal solve the problem? What about shock wave therapy? I will be glad to send an xray of it. (View Answer)
  10. My gelding is lame in his stifles. The problem first occurred a few years ago and I had them injected, but the procedure didn't help. When we returned to the veterinarian, they ultrasounded his stifles and saw nothing. No swelling, deterioration, excessive fluid, nothing. I was told that they could do surgery and maybe find the cause and fix it...what would his chances be if I decided I wanted to do that? I was originally told that there was a low chance of it working. I don't want to put him through that if he will still be lame in the end. (View Answer)
  11. What are your thoughts on using Previcox long term for horses with navicular and/or arthritis? (View Answer)