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Satellite Sports Network targets and appeals to intelligent sports enthusiasts with feature stories and videos consisting of thoughtful in-depth editorial and imagery that encapsulates the spirit and lifestyle of all kinds of athletes and athletics. Whether you are new to a particular sport and adventure or a seasoned pro, Satellite Sports Network will inspire you to get out there and play.

Satellite Sports Network is built to be the ultimate place on the web where sport's enthusiasts can go for up to the date sports news, video resources, and connections with athletes, coaches, trainers, teams and organizations, as well as products and services. A member or athletic group will have the ability to create a personalized Sports Group Page to maximize their exposure on the web. It will surround athletes in all sports with the tools, knowledge and personal connections to top athletes, coaches and training resources to maximize their performance throughout their lifetime.

Satellite Sports Network aims to be the lifelong companion for anyone with an athletic and adventurism  lifestyle, be it a lacrosse recruit, football player or fan, weekend golfer, inspiring cricket player, geocacher or surfing fanatic; from the time they decide to try an activity, until the time their body gives up and they can't adventure or play anymore. We will have over 70 different sports portals and will add new ones every month. The portals will be filled with the latest information about that sport, resources, training videos, latest results and much, much more.We want people to visit their favorite sports, read the constantly updated news and articles, but also venture through the site and perhaps find another passion, such as soccer, pickleball, snowboarding or even sailing. Who knows what your next sports passion will be.

By going to Satellite Sports Network anyone with a passion for sports, can get to all their sport sites and resources with one touch. A user  can join and  create their own free group page to maximize exposure for their team, college, sport organization, athletic training services and the list is infinite. An inspiring recruit can create an individualized group page showcasing their athletic skills and stats to connect with scouts, recruiters and college coaches, quick, easy and free.

Satellite Sports Network will strive to improve access to other sports enthusiasts, information, services and products. Members may submit news, blogs and videos for publication in our sports portals or highlighted on our homepage. Our goal is to make sharing sports knowledge and experiences fun for everyone. No matter what role our members have in a sport, be it a pro or amateur athlete, weekend warrior, coach, scout, fan, trainer, executive or news reporters. Satellite Sports Network will be a cutting edge sports web media company expecting to capture the passion, love and activity of the sports community through radically better communication, resources, education, video, exposure, organizational tools, products and services.

The Company

Satellite Sports Network is a start-up company at present. The company will be a L.L.C. in New York owned by its principle founder.. The company currently has a single office and the initial website is

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